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Karishma Deepa Sondhi
Cease this moment for the love of luxury

About Us


Karishma Deepa Sondhi label is into contemporary, luxurious pret and couture with a distinct house signature style, with a workshop that employees a hugely trained staff of hundred people including masters, cutters embroiders, drapers etc the designers aim at delivering stylise ensembles for clients of all age groups.


This collection is a celebration of the female spirit of gentle perseverance. Through varied silhouettes and handcrafted details, Karishma Deepa Sondhi take us through the life of a woman as she sashays through it with beauty, grace and kindness. Form fitted drapes and layers symbolize the nuances and complexities that have come to define her, from childhood to adulthood, as she embraces her sensuality in all it’s glamour and glory.

Silks layered with hand embroidered motifs, classic drapes with a new perspective and unusual colours that draw elegant attention are defining points of this collection. View Gallery



A melange of all things delightful, Karishma Deepa Sondhi's latest collection titled RASBHARI celebrates the joy of being a modern, Indian Woman. The silhouettes are contemporary yet rooted in tradition with splashes of colors that invoke the feeling of a garden in full bloom.

Handcrafted embroideries and textures, an expertise of this designer duo, recreates the beauty of nature in all its feminine glory. A visual feast that will leave you giddy with happiness, come join us as we dance our way across the runway!

About Karishma Deepa Sondhi

Karishma Sondhi label is into contemporary,

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Deepa Sondhi label is into contemporary,

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Bacchanalia Celebrating the many treasures of abundance a woman holds within herself, Karishma and Deepa Sondhi envision their latest collection to be an ode to indulgence. An indulgence of the soul and the spirit in all things beautiful and luxurious.

The feminine mystique blooms with the flavours and colors of the fertile and lush royal gardens where the branches are heavy with desire and the fruits hold secrets of a forbidden love.

Using fabrics (exemplars) and techniques (exemplars) Karishma and Deepa Sondhi take you on a leisurely walk through the vivid imagination and fantasy of what it's like to be a Woman.

A languid sojourn through deceptively simple separates and complex yet classic drapes, Karishma and Deepa Sondhi dip the brushes of their imagination in the myriad moods of this celebration of beauty this Bacchanalia!




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